Who is Stoke Crew

Stoke Crew is a global collective of surfers who love sharing waves, enjoying adventures and travelling with friends to remote places. Stoke Crew is a movement. A movement back to surfing, the ocean and living in the moment. Focussing on the things that matter.

As our society runs a hundred miles an hour, Stoke Crew is a reminder to slow things down and get back to places where time stops and where we find exhilaration and happiness doing things we love with less. Our aim is to share authentic stories of those who choose to surf and explore the world.

Why we created Stoke Crew

Stoke Crew is the brainchild of couple friends who, after decades of collective experiences travelling the world, decided to turn on the founder DNA and start a new [ad]venture. We started this community brand because we were tired of the fluffy community puff and the disposable garbage so many brands are throwing at us. The result is a small community, with sustainable and circular collection of products that draws heavily upon the founder’s own lifestyles and experiences.

We’re a small brand. Much smaller than most folks realise. It gives us a sense of freedom to do things our own way. Stoke Crew is a small “sustainable” surf community, where the environmental travel footprint, circular economy and the need for owning less is the first priority, be it in the ocean or on land.

Felix & the rest of the Crew!


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